Imidocarb Dipropionate

CAS No. 55750-06-6
Other Names N,N'-bis(3-(4,5-dihydro-1H-imidazol-2-yl)-phenyl)
MF C19H20N6O2(C3H6O2)
EINECS No. 259-791-8
Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Type Anesthetic Agents
Grade Standard Medicine Grade
Usage Animal Pharmaceuticals
Brand Name Shandong Jiulong
Model Number LY-Imidocarb Dipropionate
Purity 99%min
Product Name Imidocarb Dipropionate
Specification 98%
Appearance White Crystalline Powder
Certificate ISO/Halal/Kosher
Sample Available
Test Method HPLC
COA Available
Molecular Weight 496.57
Function Veterinary Drugs

 Product Name Imidocarb Dipropionate 
 Specification  98%
 Cas No  55750-06-6
 Einecs No  259-791-8
 Molecular formula  C19H20N6O2(C3H6O2)
 Molecular weight  496.57
Imidocarb Dipropionate is a new drug that replace diminazene to use for antiprotozoal. It belongs to carbanilide derivative. It not only cures for protozoan infection such as babesiosis and piroplasmosis of cattles and sheep, but also specially cures for eperythrozoon of swines. It has the advantages including small dosage (2mg/, convenient application, short course of treatment (generally 1-2 injection can be recovered ) and lower tolerances etc. Quick Details Imidocarb Dipropionate Product Description It is a carbanilide derivative that has been used for the treatment of certain antiprotozoal diseases, including babesiosis and anaplasmosis, in cattle, horses, sheep, dogs etc, by subcutaneous and muscle injection, quick absorption then in one hour to reach blood peak concentration. Then the product is discharged mainly by excrement and the urine with the original shape. Compared with other antiprotozoal drugs like terramycin, its preparation have the following advantages: The dose is small (2 mg/kg. Bw), the course of treatment is short (general 1-2 injection may be recovered ) and have a long treatment. Shelf life: 2 years Imidocarb dipropionate is suitable for intramuscular or subcutaneous administration. Imidocarb is chemically described as N, N'-bis[3-(4, 5-dihydro-1H-imidazol-2-yl)-phenyl]urea dipropionate and has a molecular weight of 496.6. Imidocarb dipropionate is highly active against infections caused by adult and immature stages of Babesia in cattle, sheep, horses and dogs, against Anaplasma infections in cattle and against Ehrlichia canis infections in dogs. The prolonged action of Imidocarb dipropionate exerts a prophylactic effect against Babesia infections for up to 6 weeks.